Northstar Dairy Services is a dairy equipment service company offering quality dairy equipment and services since 1995. We sell, install, and service dairy equipment and offer a wide variety of products and supplies for dairy farms. We also have route trucks that deliver chemicals and dairy supplies to dairy farms throughout Utah, Idaho, and parts of Wyoming.

Our range of products includes:

  • Freestall Mattresses (Pasture Mats, Northbrook Farms, Kraiberg)
  • Rubber Mats for Alleys, Holding Pens, Pits,
    and Cow Decks
  • Teat Prep Systems (Mtech, Uddergun)
  • Ventilation – Curtains, Fans, and Ridge Vents (Sun North, Agromatic, Munters)
  • Robotic Milking System (Delaval VMS)
  • Automatic Calf Feeders
  • Swinging Cow Brushes
  • Dairy Chemicals
  • Wash Systems
  • Milk Cooling for Tanks, Chillers, and Silos (Mueller, Boumatic, Delaval)
  • Stalls – Rotary, Herringbone, and Parallel
  • Milking Equipment – Vacuum Pumps, Clusters, Detachers
  • Herd Management Systems (Afimilk, Boumatic, Delaval)
  • Heat Detection (Afimilk, Boumatic, Delaval)
  • Manure Handling Equipment (Jamesway, Accent, Albers, and Vaughan)
  • Washing Machines (Continental)
  • LED Lights for Parlors and Freestall Barns

For more information about our dairy farm products, contact us or call us at 208-852-1558 in Preston or 435-623-7100 in Nephi.

Business Address

3863 S State
Preston, ID 83263

Phone: 208-852-1558
Fax: 208-852-9038

62 E 800 N
Nephi, UT 84648

Phone: 435-623-7100
Fax: 435-623-2836

Business Hours
Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm

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Coverage Area

Southern, Eastern & Southeastern Idaho
All of Utah & Parts of Wyoming